Monday, June 15, 2009

The Blogging Mom Who Lied

This news story today about "April's Mom" is fascinating... a young woman who has been writing a blog was actually lying about being pregnant with a terminally-ill baby. Here's her apology:

It seems many people became emotionally invested in her story and have been following her blog, hoping she would carry the baby to term.

I'm not surprised that she was able to carry the ruse so far. If she had not posted a picture of her with the doll, then she may have gotten away with it.

She could have used that time to write a fiction piece about the experience she created. But the blogging world makes it much easier to find an audience and get that immediate feedback.

How long was she expecting to go on with the lie?

It reminds me of Azia Kim, the 18 year old girl from Fullerton, CA, who pretended that she was a freshman at Stanford for EIGHT MONTHS before getting caught. She went to classes and even lived in a dorm.

What makes these women try to create and live a certain reality?