Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Story

Every single mother I have ever met had her own story. This is mine.

There are single mothers by choice, single mothers by divorce... I am a single mother by circumstance. I probably fit the idea of what most people have about single moms: Unmarried, unexpectedly pregnant... I have been single since the beginning.

In my seven years of single motherhood, I have only met a handful of other Asian single moms.


A) Asian women are not having as much sex as their counterparts.
B) Asian women are better about using birth control
C) Asian women are getting more abortions.

I believe it must be option C. The Asian culture is so much about "saving face." Unexpected pregnancies are unmentionable in many older generation Asian communities. An unexpected pregnancy derails people from the path to success that most Asian parents have for their children.

I was fortunate in that when I became pregnant, I was already 23 and finished with college. An Ivy League college, for that matter. Having that degree provided a surer economic foundation -- it opened the door to grad school and other work interviews. I am grateful for the post-undergrad timing of my baby's arrival.

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